Selling Your Home

When selling a home there are many important considerations.

What is My Home Worth?

First and foremost, you should know the market value of your home. If you are considering putting your home on the market, I can provide a free comparative market analysis (CMA) of your home. This will provide information that will enable you to better gauge what you could reasonable expect to get from your home based on the current market conditions. Please contact me to schedule your CMA. Pricing strategies are different if you are looking at selling your home for the highest possible price or if you are looking at selling it very quickly. I will listen to you and provide information on both strategies. My goal is to meet your needs. It takes work to sell a home that is priced right and not priced below market value. I am ready to work for you to sell your home for the right price!

Why use a Real Estate Agent?

It’s similar to why you should go to the dentist if you need a tooth pulled. Sure, you could do it yourself but it will be painful and may lead to serious unexpected complications.

Why use a Full Time Real Estate Agent?

I am a full time real estate professional. I understand the market and I am ready to do the work to sell your home or to help you find a home. Working with a part time agent can put you at a disadvantage and mean that you are often making arrangements for showings. An agent’s job is to follow up on those selling opportunities. When it comes to buying a home, a home that is priced below fair market value will not last and will be snatched up quickly—typically by someone represented by a full time real estate agent.

10 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent

  1. Real estate agents have knowledge of the housing market and pricing data that is only available to real estate agents. The ability to competitively price your home is critical for a successful sale. Having a professional assist with that process and the selling of it means that you are likely to sell your home more quickly and for a better price.
  2. Many people wrongly think that they will save money by selling their home on their own. In reality people often will either sell their home too cheaply, losing far more than the cost of the real estate agent’s commission.
  3. But Zillow provides Zestimates! Those Zestimates have been shown to be off by drastic amounts. One real estate agent noted that their property value was off by a whopping 40%!
  4. Real estate agents spend a tremendous amount of time and money going to school to get their license. Why? Because there is a lot involved when it comes to selling a home. Do you realize that no two homes are exactly alike? I know you are thinking that you’ve seen plenty of floor plans that looked the same. Yes, that is true—but every home location is different, making each home unique. I know my stuff—I have taken and passed the broker exam and I also teach real estate classes through the Black Hills School of Real Estate.
  5. In case you don’t realize it, there can be a tremendous amount of liability when it comes to selling a home if mistakes are made. If you make a mistake selling a home on your own, you would be solely responsible for that mistake—and it could be costly. Real estate agents work to minimize everyone’s risk each step of the way.
  6. One of the most difficult things when it comes to selling a home is effectively negotiating. If you push too hard the potential buyer may walk away, if you cave to a soft offer you may be leaving money on the table. Real estate agents are skilled at negotiating. They want to get you the best possible price without losing the sale.
  7. Negotiating isn’t just involved in getting the right sale price. Negotiating often occurs after a home inspection. The ability to find a balance that both the seller and buyer are happy with is critical.
  8. Real estate agents know how to sell homes. Knowing how to effectively market a home is critical to a successful sale.
  9. Real estate agents can help give you suggestions for getting your home ready and can provide additional feedback along the way to improve your likelihood of selling your home sooner.
  10. Real estate agents can help you through each step of the process—all the way through the closing process. They can be there for you.

What you just read is my job. I am here for you. My goal is to help you discover your dreams and protect you along the way.


Ron Sasso

Ron Sasso