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There are many reasons that people move to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. There is an abundance of amazing things to do out here! Rapid City is one of the top outdoor communities in the country—boasting an incredible series of running trails and bike paths that go through the city and many people enjoy fly fishing in Rapid Creek or fishing at Canyon Lake Park—just to give a few examples.

If you are looking at relocating from a different state, South Dakota is one of the few states in the country that does not have any state income tax! This is another reason that many people choose to retire here.

Also, Rapid City is part of the banana belt. It has much warmer temperatures than the surrounding areas—particularly in winter. This means that you can go skiing at Terry Peak in the northern Black Hills and not be nearly as cold (or have as much snow) in Rapid City. As someone who moved here from the east coast, I was pleasantly surprised to discover better weather than I had experienced on the east coast.

The video below focuses on Rapid City and the beautiful Black Hills. This gives you just a glimpse of some of the reasons why this area is a fantastic place to visit and to live in.

Some of the things that you will see in this video include:

Art Alley (Rapid City, SD)

Black Hills Pow Wow (Rapid City, SD)

Central States Fair Rodeo (Rapid City, SD)

Crazy Horse Mountain (Custer, SD)

Custer State Park (Custer, SD)

Dinosaur Park (Rapid City, SD)

Main Street Square (Rapid City, SD)

Mount Rushmore (Keystone, SD)

Mountain Biking (Rapid City, SD—but could be anywhere in the Black Hills)

Presidents’ Statues (Rapid City, SD)

Vertex Sky Bar / Hotel Alex Johnson (Rapid City, SD)

It is very important to note that every location in the video is less than an hour away from downtown Rapid City. The beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota are much easier to navigate than the Rocky Mountains—as you can do many things during the course of a day in the Black Hills. Badlands National Park is approximately an hour east of Rapid City. It didn’t make it into the video but is one of the many amazing sights in this area.

I was traveling through when I fell in love with the Black Hills and decided to make Rapid City my home. That was over 23 years ago and I am still awed by the beauty out here. Enjoy the video.

Here is a different video. This one covers all of South Dakota from an aerial perspective.


Ron Sasso

Ron Sasso