Rapid City Turkey Trot 5K – Benefit for the Black Hills Runners Club

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, you may already have plans for the holiday. Maybe you’re even traveling to someone else’s home because you don’t have the dining room space for social distancing or your kitchen is too small (I can help you with that). Maybe everyone else is coming to your home because you have the largest home and you keep thinking about downsizing (I can help you with that too). Whatever the case may be, if you are staying in the Black Hills, you might want to think about running for dessert.

The Black Hills Runners Club sponsors the Turkey Trot 5K as a fundraiser for the group. The run takes place in Rapid City and includes some fabulous prizes. Finishers will win a caramel role from the Colonial House. But dessert doesn’t end there. There are also hundreds of pies that will be randomly given out. So, anyone who is registered and is at the race has a chance at getting an amazing pie! You don’t have to be an elite runner to eat pie.

The event has become a Thanksgiving staple in Rapid City and draws some wonderful crowds. Attendance has ranged from several hundred to over 1,000 runners. Many families will participate (you can register as a team). There are two courses—one for the serious runners who want to race home to get the turkey in the oven—and one for walkers and the casual runner. As a heads up, some people will also run in costume. It’s a fun event for the whole family!

If you are afraid of the large crowds at the start—don’t worry! There will be no specific start time. Everyone is advised to start any time between 8AM and 9AM. This will minimize contact for an event that is already being held outdoors.

The race begins at Old Storybook Island.

The Black Hills Runners Club provides support to Black Hills groups that have a desire to advocate for running. They are involved in many projects in the Black Hills and support many youth running projects.  They also provide scholarships to runners who are going to college. I am a member and I can proudly say that the Black Hills Runners Club is run by a fantastic group of people!

So, if you aren’t sure what to do on the morning of Thanksgiving, come to Old Storybook Island. Run (or walk) a 5K and maybe win dessert. At the very least, you will feel better about all the food you’ll be eating later in the day!

Be thankful for everything you have and please be safe if you are traveling and meeting with family.

Pre-registration ends at midnight on 11/23/2021. There is no race day registration.

To learn more about the race and to pre-register, click the following link and scroll down on the page:



Ron Sasso

Ron Sasso