Recreation in the Black Hills: Disc Golf

Are you looking for something outside that is fun and doesn’t cost much money? Perhaps you’ve thought about golf but the investment in clubs and green fees are way too much. Here’s a cost effective alternative: Disc Golf.

Disc golf—sometimes called frisbee golf or frolf—is a variation on traditional golf, using discs designed to fly different distances. The holes for the course are actually baskets with chains. The rules are very similar to regular golf in that each player throws their disk and tries to reach the “hole” in the fewest number of throws.

According to Wikipedia, disc golf was first invented in the early 1900s with the first game being played in 1926 in Canada at a school. At that time it was called Tin Lid Golf.” The rules were different and it was played on a sandy patch of ground.

In the 1960’s the game reemerged in slightly different forms. Some had people throwing Frisbees at trees and others were throwing them into a barrel.

In the early 1980’s important changes came to disc golf. The basket with chains was created as the hole and the discs’ rims were changed to make them more accurate.

Disc golf discs can vary greatly. They are not designed for having a catch (like a regular Frisbee) but are designed for flight. There are three different types of discs for playing disc golf: a driver, a mid-range, and a putter.

As with regular golf, the driver is designed for greater distance and teeing off on a hole. The mid-range disc is designed for slightly shorter distances. The putter is designed for closer range. The plastic on the putter is much softer and is more likely to land in the basket rather than bouncing off the chains like a harder disc would likely do.

If you are starting out and want to keep your costs down, you can purchase a mid-range disc. Mid-range discs can be purchased for around $8. Not bad for start-up costs for a sport!

There are several different throwing styles that can be used to play. Most courses are ADA compliant and are in the outdoors. Like regular golf courses there are obstacles and sometimes water hazards. There are some discs that are designed to float. Most holes are 200-240 feet in distance, but they can vary.

Rapid City has two disc golf courses—one at Jackson Park has 18 holes, and one at West Omaha Street has nine holes. There are also two disc golf courses in Box Elder. One is on Ellsworth Air Force Base and another is connected to the Douglas School. Both of the Box Elder courses are nine holes each. There are also courses in Spearfish, Custer, Belle Fourche, and Hot Springs.

Jackson Park in Rapid City will change the location of the baskets/holes to continually challenge players and keep the game fresh.

Disc golf is a fun way to spend an afternoon outside with your family or friends. Also, with such a low start-up cost for the sport, you can probably afford to spend a little more on a home. Need help finding a home or selling one? Give me a call at (605) 593-3759.


Ron Sasso

Ron Sasso