Fools 4 Miler Road Race

As Easter is approaching there are many things to be thankful for. As a Christian the Easter holiday’s true meaning is far more significant than rabbits and eggs…but it’s quite alright to also enjoy the candy! Most people worry about putting on a little extra weight from the chocolate and peeps. There is a great option for you and your kids to help burn off some of those candy calories ahead of time…and it’s something fun!

The Fools 4-Miler is a road race sponsored by the Black Hills Runners Club and it will be held at Founders Park on March 27th this year. I’m the race director for this “April Fools” race and I believe this is the most fun race of the year. I am grateful that I have many wonderful volunteers that help make this race happen and come off smoothly. I should point out that every road race is fun…but this one is more fun!

In 2017 we started giving out some small (but exciting) prizes. What kind of prizes? Well, anyone who finishes has a chance to win a car! Yes, that’s right—we are giving away cars! Actually, we’re giving away a bunch of them. I should warn you that if you win one you shouldn’t plan on driving it home. However, if you win one you can tell your friends that you ran a race and won a car. You don’t have to tell them how big it is. This year there are a couple of Porsches, Bentleys, SUVs, and many sports cars!

If you register to run, you may get a cool looking performance T-shirt. Quantities are limited to 80 so make sure you register very soon. This year’s T-shirt color is deep red with white lettering.

Do you have kids? There is a free 1k kids race that starts at 9:30AM. The 4 miler doesn’t start until 10AM, so you have plenty of time for your kids to run and for you to run as well.

You can preregister for either race by clicking tis link.

Unfortunately, do to COVID, there is no race day registration. Race day check-in starts at 9AM at Founders Park just on the other side of the bathrooms. The course is on the bike path and will be well-marked.

The Black Hills Runners Club provides support to Black Hills groups that have a desire to advocate for running. They are involved in many projects in the Black Hills and support many youth running projects.  They also provide scholarships to runners who are going to college. I am a member and I can proudly say that the Black Hills Runners Club is run by a fantastic group of people!

If you are interested in starting a running program or just want to run for fun, there are many ways to get started. Just give me a call at (605) 593-3759 and I will gladly point you in the right direction. The Black Hills Runners Club has many fun group runs—whether you like roads or trails. The beauty of living in the beautiful Black Hills is that there are many great running options.

Lastly, if you are looking for a home that might be a little closer to some of your favorite running trails or a home that will have better space for a treadmill, give me a call and I will gladly help you with that too!


Ron Sasso

Ron Sasso